A Live Casino Brings the Action to You

Once we figured out the issue of getting the Internet and games to work on a smartphone, it was only a matter of time before some genius figured it would be a great idea to put a smoking hot girl in front of a camera and start hosting a live casino.

There are a ton of benefits of playing at a casino, but now you can eat your own food, drink your own drinks, and be as fully clothes as you want or don’t want to be while playing at a casino live.

How Does a Live Casino Online Actually Work?

It’s quite simple: a casino will host any number of games from their website. Let’s roll with blackjack, for example. What will happen is you’ll join a chat session with the person hosting the game. You’ll be able to see the dealer and essentially, you are now taking part in a live casino online.

Typically all the rules and ways of playing the game are exactly the same. The allure of these types of games is the fact that the dealer is a live person and you can interact with them. That’s about as simple as it gets!

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be listing the live games we enjoy the most. If there is an option missing or you’d like to see something up here because you think it’s simply the bee’s knees - contact us and tell us what we forgot!