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Online live casinos are becoming more popular day by day in the UK, and the coming years promise to be even more successful for them. Technology is skyrocketing, and online casinos offer high-quality gambling experience that easily competes with the one that’s offered by brick and mortar casinos. You can pick among the most popular games, and dozens of online rooms and tables with various bet limitations, from the lowest to the highest.

The thing about online live casinos is that the competition between them is way more fierce than between land-based establishments. There are not many players who are able to visit even a dozen of the best casinos all over the world and compare all their pros and cons. Most players will just get tired after the second or third visit and play wherever they ended up. With online casinos it’s a whole different story: you can visit a hundred UK-oriented websites per day, and pick the one you really like, without spending time or effort to travel somewhere. It’s especially valuable for those who don’t have any land-based casinos in their city or even their country.

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What is a live casino and which types of live games does it offer?

First of all - there are almost no gambling sites, focused on the UK, offering just live games and nothing except them. Casino owners will always offer something else to cover a wider audience. We won’t call a website with a single roulette table a live casino, as it’s ridiculous. Some venues add live games into their libraries just for the sake of variety, to make a “live games” section and fill it with something. What we call the best live casino is a place where you can play various games, presented by various providers, with flexible bet limits and tasty offers for live gaming fans.

There are two types of live games:

  • Live games at real gambling clubs. The games are streamed from real gambling houses all around the world - the UK, Ireland, Malta, and the US. These offer you the gaming experience that’s as close as possible to the real casino, but there are some flaws. First of all, what’s good for a real casino isn’t good for an online one. Players sit around the table as they’re used to, and the camera is placed above the table so that you can see the dealer’s cards but not the player’s cards. Except for that, the game goes fast, as it's used to in a land-based venue, but many online players aren’t used to that. In these games, all dealer’s attention is focused on the players, sitting at the table, so you won’t get a lot of interaction.
  • Live games streamed from studios. This method is much more convenient for an online player, as it was developed to be so. A camera is placed in front of a dealer, the cards are of a special sort, with big characters, and a game is much slower. A dealer is concentrated on you and your fellow online players, so you can ask a question and receive an answer, or have a friendly chat. Most of these studios aren’t based in the UK, but in South-European countries, which means that you’ll have to deal with some nasty accents, but we hope it won’t bother you too much.

Which games you can play at live dealer casinos in the UK?

Currently, live dealer casinos oriented towards the UK offer all the most popular casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Hold Em. There are also some of the less popular ones, as Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud, and even Wheel of Fortune, for those who like them. The best software providers, like Evolution, Playtech, and NetEnt are releasing new games every month, so if your favorite game isn’t on the list yet - it might be in development right now.

Pros and Cons of Online Live Casinos

Many of you might think that there are no apparent advantages of a live dealer casino over a land-based one, but that’s not true. There are lots of such advantages, and here are the most significant of them:

  • The first and foremost advantage is that you don’t need to go anywhere to play your favorite live games. No need to dress up or to travel to another city, or to even another country, when you can just sit back on your comfy chair, relax, and access any gaming site in a few clicks.
  • If you’re a newbie in a gambling world, playing online allows you to make fewer mistakes. There are fewer stress factors than in land-based casinos. You know what we mean if you’ve ever been to one. Loud noises from slot machines section, jolly whoopees of the winners and swearing of the losers, and overwhelming gambling slang from craps tables. And don’t forget about veteran players, looking at novices as a hockey goaltender would look at an ice-dancer. If you don’t like it all and want just to play peacefully and with no extra fuss - online live dealer casinos are for you.
  • It’s more comfortable for some players to play when they see that the cards are dealt by a live dealer. There’s literally no difference in a quality of shuffling between a proper shuffling machine and a random number generator that’s used in most slots and non-live card games. To see a living person dealing cards or rolling dice is just more familiar to us, and that’s why we like real dealers.
  • Live dealers in UK-oriented casinos took the art of being gorgeous to the next level. The thing is that unlike dealers in land-based clubs, live dealers at online gaming venues don’t need to have any skills, like artistic shuffling, super-fast management of chips and cards on the table, etc. Their only business is to articulate the name of each drawn card correctly and to be damn hot all the time. And they’re good at it!
  • Another pro for novice players is that while playing in an online live casino, you have all the rules of the games close at hand, in your player interface.
  • Bonuses are the best part. Land-based gambling houses also have generous bonuses, but a problem with them is that they start after a pretty high amount spent on a particular casino. At online live dealer casinos, UK residents can get a bonus after their first deposit, and it might be really great.

As for the drawbacks - there are some, and you’ll have to consider them if you wanna play at a live casino. First of all (that’s what most players from land-based casinos complain about) - the games are much slower. In most brick and mortar gaming clubs you’ll barely have time to place your bets, while in online venues you’ll have 30 seconds to make a bet, and it slows down the game considerably. Another thing is that most live studios aren’t located in the UK, but in Eastern Europe, and there are not many native English speakers. Prepare to suffer from broken English, you’ll hear it in 95% of cases.

How to find the best live casino for the UK with HolyMolyCasinos?

That’s easy: you just have to open our list and we’ll automatically pick the best options for you, based on your location and other preferences which you may indicate via our filters. The best live casinos for UK players will be on top of the list, and they will give you the gaming experience you’ll never forget.

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