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Take the Guesswork out of PayPal Casinos - Read Our Guide

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Take the Guesswork out of PayPal Casinos - Read Our Guide

Okay, you’re here, and that’s great because we put a lot of work into looking for every old and new PayPal casino in the UK that we could find to rate them and put in a neat and orderly list for you. Now you’ll be able to nail down the best PayPal casino for you. Seeing as you’re saving so much time now, you can more carefully look at the finer details of the place you’re going to play at, such as their welcome bonus terms or overall terms and conditions.

“What’s the big idea? Why should I care about online casinos that use PayPal anyway?”

Why should you care? That’s pretty easy. PayPal casinos carry a lot of advantages, not even considering that it’s one of the most popular payment services to be found online. Anyway, further on in the article we’ll be talking more in-depth about casinos with PayPal deposit options in the UK, so strap in or buckle up and let’s get this show on the road.

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Overview of PayPal in the UK

How did the reputation of PayPal’s online wallet payment system get its start? To be honest, eBay was an integral part in getting this payment method spread across the world. Although it was established in the late 90’s under a different name, it wasn’t until eBay took off that it became exceptionally popular, with more than 70% of the folks making their purchases with this transaction service.

After quickly becoming the standard, it now supports about 25 major currencies, over 200 markets and has nearly 200 million accounts that are registered and active.

What does this all have to do with casino sites that accept PayPal in the UK? We’re glad you asked!

You see, in the early 2000s, gambling sites were actually barred from using this service in the UK for depositing and withdrawing money. This was a huge kick in the pants because, at that time, it was the largest and most trusted money transfer solution for players. However, in 2010, they once again made their online payment system available on gambling websites.

To this current day, gamblers still prefer to use PayPal’s online banking services due to its ease of use, familiar name, and security.

Advantages of PayPal Casino Sites

Why is it a huge plus when you can use this banking service? We’ve got a number of advantages to talk about. Let’s start with this one:

You are completely anonymous

This means that when you’ve made a string of successful bets and you’re packing it in for the night and want to withdraw your winnings, the place you’re playing with has no access to your banking information. Casino sites that accept PayPal in the UK are amazing for this fact, and it’s easily one of the biggest advantages to online gambling.

Safe & Secure

Along with anonymity, casino PayPal deposit and withdrawals made from the UK are safe and secure. You get the benefit of regulated and properly licensed gambling sites giving you the best they can with technical security on the site combined with in-house methods of transaction protection.

Fast, Easy, Painless: Deposits & Withdrawals

Yeah, we are sure that you already know how simple it is to do everything, be it on a desktop or on a mobile device. Click, boom. Given that all you have to provide to the site is your username and password, it makes for a ridiculously simple process. Write your 16-digit card number, the expiry dates, security code, and you’re off to the races.

Let’s not forget about the speed of withdrawals with online casinos that use PayPal. Normally a gambling site will confirm your identity, process the withdrawal, etc. This usually almost always takes days, especially if you are starting this process on a weekend or during a major holiday. Ouch.

Main Disadvantages of an Online Casino That Accepts PayPal

Not everything is pink glasses and roses. There are a couple of drawbacks that, at best, will cause some annoyances but aren’t total dealbreakers.

First and foremost, you need to have an actual account with them that is connected and verified through the system. In order to do that, you need to create your account, register, add your credit card and banking details, and wait for a few days, up to a week, to get everything cleared up and verified. This process typically includes making a very small deposit to the system, verifying the amount, and so on.

Secondly, and almost ironically, it is sometimes going to be a slower e-wallet option when compared to others. It could take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days to get your funds from PP to your actual bank account. So, while withdrawing from the actual bank itself might be painless and quick, getting it from the account itself to your UK bank account is another river you have to cross.

Thirdly, you are often not allowed to claim the welcome bonus or other promotions if you deposit via PayPal. This kinda sucks, but hey, look at the bright side - you don’t have to deal with the wagering requirements if you decide to skip the bonus.

Finally, and this will depend on your view of the world, they only allow their services to be used by UK casinos that are completely vetted and 100% legit. This means that a UK casino needs to be proven fair, safe, reliable, responsible, and hold the proper licenses before the site will even be considered.

This does not automatically mean that UK casinos that don’t have this payment option are automatically bad.

It actually just means that if they have this banking option - the website is most likely good to go.

No US Players Allowed

We wanted to make this perfectly clear: PayPal does not accept any gamblers from the USA. Any gambling website that offers this banking option should be looked very carefully and with suspicion. As online gambling is illegal in the USA, it should be assumed that any online gambling site is operating outside their limits and in which case, this option would not be available for use in any case.


What is the best casino for UK players?

That is a very difficult question and, to be honest, what might be a perfect place for you may not be such for another. In any case, that is why this page exists - to show you a list of UK-based casinos that have this banking option. Have a look at the list and we’re sure you’ll find the place for you!

Are PayPal withdrawals truly instant?

Many gambling sites state that the withdrawal is instant, but this is actually not the case as the UK casino itself will have some indicated processing times. These times always vary and if you’re a new player there, you will need to pass their “Know Your Customer” procedures. (This is required by law, so you can’t bypass this process.) Once these checks are finished, you’ll get your withdrawal.

What kind of fees can I expect using PayPal?

Making deposits should be fast and without any fees. However, withdrawing will usually carry a fee somewhere between 2.5% to 4%.

How does PayPal stack up compared to other eWallet options?

Of course, it is very competitive and comparable to other eWallet options and the main competitors are Neteller and Skrill who also have pretty low operating fees. That said, with 20 years of being a company and being the biggest in the eWallet industry, it’s very hard to argue that a different service would be better. Any casino that has this option as a banking method can be played at with confidence.

Why don’t all gambling sites offer PayPal banking options?

There are very strict guidelines and rules that UK casinos must follow before they are allowed to make their payment system available to gamblers. Some gambling sites don’t want to deal with the red tape, so it doesn’t automatically mean that site you’re playing that doesn’t offer this service is bad. In any case, a place with this banking method is one you can trust.

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