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New Online Casino Trends in 2018 for the UK

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New online casinos are popping up every day, and our goal here at HolyMolyCasinos is to make sure that you will get only correct and proven information about them. We’re not only reviewing every single new online casino out there, but also organizing them into neat little categories for the convenience of UK players.

Our complex and flexible rating system lets you filter all new casino sites in order to find the one that suits all your demands and that accepts players from your country of residence. The problem is that an older website will have a better rating than the just-created one just because it’s older and has some feedback and reputation among players and review portals.

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How do we review new casinos?

The process of creating a new online casino review and a rating chart is difficult and resource-consuming. We’re studying lots of information about a gaming venue, reading its terms and conditions, counting the value of its bonuses, figuring out if it’s safe to make a deposit, talking to support officers, and doing many other things to provide players with trusted info. Here’s what we value the most:

  • Trusted license. It’s mandatory to have at least SOME license to provide gambling services, but not all licenses are equally reliable. We prefer casinos regulated with decent licensing (such as the UK Gambling Commision and Malta Gaming Authority) that allows you to deposit safely without worrying about anything, and we reflect this in the rating.
  • Platform and developers. The platform that is used to provide games is a crucial factor. User experience, mobile compatibility, an assortment of games, and many other things depend on the platform as well as the choice of game developers.
  • Fast, polite, and competent support team. One cannot play slots with comfort if there’s no support team providing extra information on any topic needed. When we review a casino, we ask all those inconvenient questions that we can come up with, testing the response time and the ability of support operators to provide you with a short and informative answer to these questions. It’s also a huge advantage to have a toll-free phone number for UK residents. The quality of the support service is fully reflected in our casino’s rating.
  • Extensive game library. We want more games. It’s great to have all those games that never get old, but we also like to see some modern games from young developers, so that players can enjoy more variety.
  • Stunning bonuses and promotions. We all love new online casino sites because they offer way more than the ones that have already been established and earned their place under the gambling sun. Latest gaming sites present incredible bonus offers to make players love them even more, while old ones already have their devoted customers and don’t have to do much to keep them interested. We review all bonuses from new casinos and rate them, to ensure that you will see only the best offers on those gambling sites where it’s safe to deposit and withdraw winnings. All issues and advantages regarding bonuses will be found in our review, or you can just look at the rating and see how good their welcome bonus is.
  • Trusted operators & groups. A new casino doesn’t have to be made by amateurs, that’s what we’re sure about. Of course, some of them might do a great job, but that could be found out only after a few months of the site’s operation. Yet, if a casino is made by an experienced group that already has several other top-ranked sites - we can be almost sure that it won’t suck. That’s why we prefer gambling venues whose owners have plenty of experience in the field and reflect that information in our review.

So, basically, our job is to find a place where all these advantages are mixed together and recommend it to as many players as we can.

New Casinos vs. Old and Reputable Ones

When you’re looking for a gambling website that allows players from the UK, you should understand what you can get out of it. As a rule, modern casinos often offer more goodies than old ones, as they have to earn their reputation and make people want to play there. To make it simpler, we’ve made a list of what you might get at a new casino that you most likely wouldn’t at an old one.

  • First of all - Bonuses. It’s not a coincidence that you often see surprisingly good offers at new casino sites. It’s actually happening all the time, as recently opened gaming venues are trying to get as much attention as they can by offering you better options and tastier prizes than their older rivals. By registering at a brand-new gaming site in a few first months of its existence, you might easily get an exclusive promotion with super-sweet requirements, sometimes even without a deposit. Free spins are overwhelming, promotions are tempting and requirements are smooth at new casinos.
  • VIP/Loyalty program. Such programs are often more profitable at the very beginning that they are later. You might easily skip one or two VIP levels, and get extra bonuses, increased maximum bet, or more profitable withdrawals without large deposits.
  • New casinos tend to like Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. We’re not saying that you can’t deposit via BTC on an old gambling website, but almost every recent brand offers you some crypto-currency options, which is great for those who use them.
  • Modern technologies are also much more likely to seen at new casinos. Such things as VR slots, progressive live games, etc. It all wasn’t there when older sites formed their game libraries, so while some of them try to add new options to their libraries - most of them don’t.
  • Mobile games. Yes, you do have mobile games almost everywhere now, but most of the older sites weren’t oriented towards mobile gamers, while most of the new casinos are. There’s more than a half traffic coming from portable devices, and so every new brand is bound to have a decent mobile version with as many games adapted for smartphones and tablets as it’s possible.

Gamification: The Latest Trend

Almost all casinos, and especially the not-really-good ones, talk about how they’re not about winning but about entertainment and having a good time. It’s not exactly wrong, but you have to have an entertaining site to say so. And many new ones do! They don’t do those anti-exciting things as “spend this much to get that much as a bonus,” but offer gamification instead. It’s when you’re playing a game inside of the other game, sort of. You complete achievements, you get prizes for winning streaks, you have missions each day and nice bonuses or free spins if you complete them, and so on.

For example, if not for daily missions and spins on some specific slots, many players would have never found out that some of those slots are really good. It’s also a perfect way to compete with your friends in a funny way like we all like to do in regular games.

We Know How to Pick a New Online Casino

Not all new casinos that we review are good and promising. It’s pretty much obvious, but we’ll still explain. Some casino groups are used to win not by quality but by quantity; and so, they create dozens of websites every year. All of them look the same, offer the same bonuses, and same game libraries. Some of them utilize very nasty clauses that literally decrease user experience to the depth that no one should ever see. Still, they might have a pretty good rating, as the group by itself is old and reputable. The problem with these sites is that they might have a license from the UK Gambling Commission, but it goes for the entire group, while some individual websites in the group aren’t really worth it.

We review these casinos and make sure that they will never make it to the top of our list, and show you only the best iGaming venues, with great bonuses and exciting games. We specifically note to which group each website belongs, especially if the group in question had some issues in the past (or is having them now). We only offer you those casinos at which it’s safe to deposit and play, and the ones with the highest rating are the best.

Responsible Gaming at New UK Casinos

Responsible gaming became a pressing issue in the UK this year after the UKGC announced new changes to their policy. Now it’s not an option to ignore the rules, and new casinos have to offer flexible self-limitation options, as well as permanent self-exclusion. All players from the UK should be treated with care and respect, regardless of their playing habits and the amounts they wager. Many old brands can’t stick this thought in their minds and keep using predatory clauses about bonus abuse, irregular playing patterns, and so on, which is, by definition, a trickery.

The first and foremost thing about gambling is to play responsibly. Don’t ever think of gambling as an investment and don’t expect that it will bring you any outcome, except for a bit of fun. Do not deposit more than you can afford and then you won’t be disappointed regardless of the results.

New casinos are wiser when it comes to responsible gambling, as they don’t have a devoted audience of players who’ve been with them for years. Their only option is to be fair right from the start, and attract you by all means, while our job is to make sure those means are acceptable.


What’s the best casino for UK residents?

We’ve developed a flexible rating system for you to see which casinos are the most suitable for you. You will only see those that legally accept players from the UK, which means holding the UKGC igaming license. Among them - you can pick whichever one you like. The closer to the top - the better.

How can HMC help me find the best new online casino?

We do thorough research of each website and provide you with detailed info on all its aspects. Everything is reflected in the rating so that you can see the essence even without reading the review. The recipe is simple: access our website from your country, see the full list of the best new casinos, pick the one you like, and deposit! You will always see the list that is relevant for your location, for example, if you’re from the UK - you’ll see only the ones licensed by the UKGC.

Are there more new online casino games at new casinos?

Yes, there are. It’s not a rule, but usually, new casino venues have far more new games than old ones, because their game libraries were composed later. When one composes a game library, he tries to put as many games there as he can, but later it becomes a bit tricky to update the library regularly. Many older venues fail at that.

Do new casinos offer better bonuses?

Yes, they do. Sometimes they are bigger, have better terms, more free spins attached, or are just unique. New casinos might offer you all kinds of merchandise, starting with t-shirts and ending with dinners for two with celebrities or tickets for a two-week Mediterranean cruise. It all depends on the casino’s main theme, but you may always expect a bit better treatment from a just-opened gaming venue in comparison to an older one. If you like free spins and bonuses - a new gaming venue is what you need.

Are new online casino sites safe?

They’re not always safe, as is the case with old casinos. All new websites on our list are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and therefore - offer basic protection, such as SSL encryption of your personal information and both deposits and withdrawals, but there might be issues. The thing is that we review them, and point out if they have any problems with reliability or security. You can count on that a casino whose safety is confirmed by us is truly safe.

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