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Online gambling is not a brand new industry, so some casinos are rather old. It’s cool that they’ve managed to survive to the present day and their experience is really impressive. Yes, we respect old casinos (if they don’t suck), but this doesn’t mean that we are extremely boring and conservative. On the contrary, we adore hunting for new casinos! We look for new gambling sites, review them carefully, and finally, share our articles with you. But are new casinos better than old ones? Well, let’s find this out.

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Old casinos vs. new gambling sites

You may think that a brand new casino is inexperienced and unreliable, but that’s not necessarily true. Here’s why:

  • “A new casino” is not a synonym for “no experience”. The casino itself can’t be experienced, but the people behind it can be. The thing is that the folks who create modern casinos usually have all the essential experience. They are not newcomers in the industry of online gambling, so you shouldn’t worry about their skills.
  • New casinos can offer really impressive welcome bonuses. This doesn’t mean that every casino launched in 2018 will offer you a breathtaking package, but the tendency is like this: while old casinos prefer to offer modest bonuses, the new ones tend to have exciting welcome promos to attract more players.
  • Old casinos can’t update indefinitely. At some point, they stop and never move further. They are still reliable and time-tested, but their design remains the same. In the worst case, they may stop updating their libraries and bonuses. Stability is a cool thing, but all online casinos need an upgrade from time to time. In this case, a new online casino can be a great alternative to the old one.
  • New casino free spins can be used on modern games. We don’t say that this is always true - even the most modern casinos can offer spins on old games. But believe us, most of the old gambling sites would never offer you spins on new games. They simply don’t have them, while new casinos can offer spins on something much more interesting than Thunderstruck, which was released in way back in 2004.
  • New casinos support more banking methods. Again, it is not always true - there are some old casinos that accept enough options (and even your favorite payment method!). But new casinos, in most cases, try to offer as many methods as possible. For example, cryptocurrency is more popular among new casinos, while the old ones usually only offer traditional credit cards, bank transfer, and with any luck, some e-wallets.
  • New casinos consider the latest technologies. Mobile friendliness is a pretty common feature and virtually every online casino is compatible with smartphones or tablets. However, there are plenty of casinos where their mobile versions have limited functionality. New casinos do their best to avoid this problem. Some of them work perfectly on any device, so you won’t feel the difference when playing on your smartphone. The only thing is that you will have to use your fingers instead of a computer mouse, but that’s not the casino’s fault. Besides, some casinos are designed specifically for portable gadgets in the first place. You can play them on your laptop, but they look much better on smaller screens. As you would imagine, old casinos without mobile designs can be a frustrating experience.

Compare all new casinos!

There are many new gambling sites launched every year, but we always find and review them. Nowadays, the competition in the industry of online gambling is way too damn high, so it is very hard for new sites to attract players. What do they do? Well, most of them go for exciting bonuses. But even the most exciting bonuses can have some unpleasant terms and conditions. For instance, awfully high wagering requirements or limits on winnings.

That’s why we carefully review every casino and pay attention to the welcome bonus, the collection of games, accepted withdrawal and deposit methods, the speed of withdrawals, design, reputation (what if they are already famous for something bad?), and quality of the support service. Oh, we also check if the casino is legit and what licenses it holds.

So, we evaluate the casino from every angle and it gets 7 different scores. Then we take into account the ratings from other reputable portals and calculate the overall score. We call it the “global rating”. Sounds good, right? Anyway, thanks to the global rating, you can understand at once if a casino is top-notch, so-so, or just awful.

Safety and security

SSL encryption technology is a very popular thing and even with new technologies, it still works. Both old and new casinos use it to keep your data secure. Obviously, if a casino has some problems with security, and you are not safe there, we will let you know. It doesn’t matter if a casino is new or old - we will tell you the truth in any case. The same promise relates to other serious problems - we won’t hide information about pirated software, issues with payouts, or being unresponsive to complaints. Any gambling website, even the newest one, can have some dirty secrets.

Good luck with the search!

Now you know that new online casinos are not scary (in most cases). They are even better than the old ones, because they are like a fresh breath of air in a city full of old casino smog. In other articles, we have described our rating system in detail and gave you plenty of tips for those who are looking for the casino of their dreams. However, you can simply read our reviews. Each of them is an honest article with a pinch of sarcasm. We constantly add new reviews and update the old ones, in case the information provided there becomes irrelevant. You see, you are in good hands here. Besides, we do our best to make you feel comfortable - we have created plenty of filters that you can use to sort the reviews. Enjoy reading our articles and good luck to you!

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