Our Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform you as to how HolyMolyCasinos.com operates its website. This policy can be applied only to the actions of the Holy Moly Casinos website.


  • Our goal is to provide information about online casinos.

  • HolyMolyCasinos.com does not charge for users to view its content.

Content Quality

  • We do not guarantee that because information has been posted on Holy Moly Casinos, that the content is not without errors.

  • HolyMolyCasinos.com believes that it is always to the user’s advantage to validate any information for themselves before taking any action.

  • Some content or services discussed on our website may be subject to special restrictions and regulations or may not be available in different areas of the world.

  • HolyMolyCasinos.com reserves the right to change or otherwise remove any information found on its site without prior notice or warning.

Use of Cookies

  • HolyMolyCasinos.com may access cookies that have been stored on your computer. Other companies have no ability to access our cookies. We do allow other companies who have placed ads on our website to access their cookies located on your machine. This privacy policy does not cover their use of their own cookies.

Privacy Policy Changes

  • HolyMolyCasinos.com can alter the Privacy Policy at any time. If and when these changes are made, a notice will be placed on our website.

Updated: April 14, 2017


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