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▷ Free Video Slots Online 🥇 Play Online Casino Video Slots for Fun | HolyMolyCasinos

Video slots are getting popular as the years go by, and the reason is not farfetched. You can play video slot games with ease and they allow you to move at your own pace without requiring any special skills. Most people that just venture into an online casino for the first time confess that slots were the first things their mind. There are tons of online video slots available today; ranging from the most basic ones such as One-Armed Bandit to sophisticated high-tech games. This casino game keeps attracting people each year as it keeps evolving and providing new features to attract the attention of players. And now that almost everyone has a good connection to the internet, we can access video slot games online for free anytime and anywhere we want!

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Their History

Back in the days, the mechanical contraptions they used had three reels, one or a few paylines, and a very predictable payout. They came in several forms and designs – one of the reasons why you had a hard time picking one for the first time. Today, a lot has changed. There are some with more than a hundred paylines, tons of bonus symbols, and other features that would keep you engaged for a very long time. The graphics are stunning and come with intriguing animations to match the theme and mark winning spins. Some video slot machines open with a short film that describes the idea or story behind the theme. You shouldn’t be surprised to see some with themes such as comic book heroes, cartoon characters, TV shows, space travel, and much more, because this is what players love. And many top providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt licenses the popular brands to use their games on their respective platform. Why do you think Iron Man by Playtech gets popular with time?

How to find them

There is a large sea of video slots online available to every player, and this makes it hard to find the right one. In order to easily find what you need in a casino game, you should sign up with an online casino platform – they have all their games sorted so that you can easily find them.

Now, they can be categorized in the following ways to make finding them easier.

  1. Classic Slots: these are the most similar to the traditional mechanical slots. They come with three reels only, no bonus features, and very simple graphics.
  2. Fruit Machines: these use fruit symbols found on classics which you might be familiar with.
  3. Five Reels: these are the most popular so far. They come with features such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, free spins, gamble features, and interesting themes that reflect every hobby outside of the casino. No matter what you love, you would have a fun experience with these casinos. There are even some 7-reelers and 9-reelers available that give you an edge when you play video slots for real money or free.

Video slots are cool, and they are getting popular all over the world each passing minute. You can play video slots for fun and still easily get caught up in the gameplay. But still, have a great time.

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