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The Internet and smartphones were perfect catalysts for slots to really take off. Even though slots really don’t carry the same functionality of how they got their name, they are still fun to play and when you run into a well designed slot, it’s hard to pull away from all those potential wins.

Here on our site, we’ve made an effort to accurately talk about each slot we have reviewed. We consider their design, gameplay elements, and give an honest assessment of them in our reviews.

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Online Slots are Not Created Equal

Even though a slot machine is essentially a slot machine, online slots are diverse and have different bonus games and free spin features that make some slots a more exciting experience than others.

With that said, we cut through the nonsense and the bright flashy lights and cute sound effects to bring you the information you need. Do those bonus games suck? Are the free spin games retriggerable? What kind of jackpots could you potentially collect?

You see, there is more to playing slots online than you thought!

At any rate, this page will bring you up to speed on the very busy world of online slot games - be they newly released or old classic gems!

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