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Family Guy Online Slot

Family Guy Slots

Giggity giggity goo!

Family Guy slots seem to follow the spirit of the original to the letter. There are sex bonuses, fart bonuses, chicken fighting bonuses, and drunken bonuses. A shitload of features and a popular branded theme - a sure-fire way to make a slot, if you ask us. If you’ve never watched the show, you probably won’t get all the funny references, but the game is still worth you time.

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It’s hard to conceive, but Family Guy has been around for almost 20 years. It now counts nearly 300 episodes, has won several Emmy Awards and is still on air. It was only a matter of time till someone picked up a license and made a slot game out of it. The guys thom IGT were first, and thus the Family Guy slots appeared.

The developers did their best to replicate the atmosphere of the show. Of course there are all the family members on featured as symbols, the familiar theme plays in the background, and quotes from some notable episodes appear above the reels.

When it comes to bonus features, it’s getting nuts. Three different bonus rounds, a mini-bonus to activate one of those bonuses, and four random features, one of which increases you chances to trigger the bonus that allows you to choose a bonus. Holy crap!

“A random bonus that boosts your chances to get a bonus, where you randomly pick a bonus. You don’t see shenanigans like this often.”


Alright, this will take a while. First of all, there’s a standard wild symbol (game logo), and a standard scatter (world bonus). Three scatters trigger the bonus-choosing feature. Stewie spins the globe and one of the features starts. There are three options:

  1. The Drunken Clam. Choose one of the four characters sitting by the table. This immediately gives you 25x to 1000x total bets. Then you choose one of the taps to pour the guys some beer (and reveal an additional win of 5x to 750x). The gang drinks, and there’s a chance that some of them will collapse. If the guy you’ve chosen collapses - the round is over. If someone else hits the table - the round multiplier is increased by 1. You get maximum win (all the revealed prizes times the multiplier) if you’re the last man standing (or rather sitting).
  2. Chicken Fight. Choose your champion - Peter or the Giant Chicken. If your fighter wins - the multiplier is increased by 1, and you choose 4 to 7 cash sacks. If you lose - the multipliers stays the same, and you only pick 1 to 3 sacks. After three rounds your winnings are calculated (again, all the prizes are multiplied by the.. um.. multiplier).
  3. Lois’ Hot Free Spins. You get 10 free spins. Each naked Peter symbol on the fifth reel fills the “heart-meter” at the bottom. For every three hearts an additional Lois symbol gets wild (up to four symbols). The “Giggity Retriggity” symbol on the middle reel give you 5 more spins. Besides, you get a different set of “romantic” symbols, like fluffy handcuffs, candles, and such.

Whew… We’re almost done. There are 4 “family features” triggered randomly at any spin:

  • Peter’s - he just farts out some cash, nuff said (200x to 5000x the coin value)
  • Stewie’s - up to 3 symbols on 1 to 5 reels are transformed into wilds
  • Lois’ - one to three family members symbols are chosen, and each one gets some credit value (Meg’s range is 1 to 1, naturally). Once the reels stop spinning, each of the chosen symbols that appears give you it’s win value (on top of the standard combinations)
  • Brian’s - boosts your chances to win that bonus round. For a single spin you’ll get it for just a single scatter on the reels instead of three.

Our Opinion

Family Guy slots have enough bonus features to keep you playing for a while. Some of them just pop up randomly in the main game, others are activated by the scatters. That, and the signature style and humor are definitely worth checking out.

Click here to play Family Guy slots - it’s alright even if you don’t like the show. If you do - this shit is golden.


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