Slot review

Apollo Rising Slot

Apollo Rising Slot

An acid space trip

In case you’re short on LSD, Apollo Rising slot might be a nice substitute. With it’s psychedelic theme and bright colorful “neon” lights, a similar effect is guaranteed. Gameplay-wise, it has just a single respin feature, that is triggered often enough to keep you entertained. Go launch some space rockets.

Apollo Rising slot was created by IGT, and it’s weird. In a good way. At least we think it’s a good way. Probably. It’s theme can be shortly described as a cartoonish retro sci-fi space traveling animals and humans in purple neon lights colors. Alright, maybe not so shortly, but that’s the best we could do.

The reels-layout is just as weird. There are 5 reels (each one 8 symbols tall!), and 100 paylines. It’s tall enough to fit a space rocket! Oh, wait. That’s exactly what it has to fit. Alright then.


Apollo Rising slot introduces a Rising Respin feature. Whenever a wild symbol appears, it transforms into a rocket, that covers the whole reel! Needless to say, that the rocket is also absolutely and totally wild. It gets better - the wild reel is kept in place, and all other reels respin (the number of respins equals the amount of wild symbols that triggered the feature). If more wilds appear during the respin - they are also fixed in place, and you get more respins.

“Apollo Rising slot introduces a Rising Respin feature, that turns the whole reels wild, and triggers at least one respin”

Our Opinion

Apollo Rising slot has a slightly crazy theme, and cool respin feature with wild rockets that cover the whole reel. Sadly, it’s the only feature that it has, making the whole thing feel slightly underwhelming. Still might be worth a shot.

Click here to play Apollo Rising slot - a psychedelic space trip that requires no controlled substances.