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Top 3 Best Gambling Books

Top 3 Best Gambling Books

If you are a real bookworm with such an extraordinary hobby like gambling, you will definitely be happy to find out some books on this sphere. There are many writings about strategies and schemes on how to beat a casino,  but we won’t advise you to try those out. It’s nearly impossible to invent a unique gambling strategy that will always work perfectly, bringing you winnings every day. Don’t waste your time on those half-working schemes, and read some better books on gambling which will teach you really useful things. 

If you are new to this niche, reading the right books will help you understand this sphere in the best possible way. Some stories of famous gamblers can be quite convincing, and other writings can be helpful even for professional gamblers. Before we give you the three best books about gambling, you should get ready to become a millionaire. Are you ready now? In fact, you should also get ready not to become a millionaire, as sometimes fate goes against us. Better to play at a casino just for fun. 

What were we talking about? Ah, writings. Here are the best gambling books you’ve ever seen:

  1. “New Complete Guide to Gambling” by Scarnes - is an excellent book for those who are completely new to this sphere. It’s the first book you should read, as it’s a kind of an encyclopedia with the history of gambling and the rules of all famous casino games. All the information is blended with jokes and funny stories, so it’s easy to read. 
  2. “The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King” by Michael Craig - is for poker fans mainly. Moreover, for those who can be considered high-rollers (gamblers fond of big stakes). We bet you liked the name of this book and would like to read it just because of it. What can you find here? Some incredible and real-to-life stories of famous poker players in Vegas with Andrew Beal (a well-known billionaire) among them. The most interesting part here is a description of the thoughts of a gambler making a stake minimum of €20,000.
    We have one more unbelievable story about a blackjack player Roger Baldwin, who managed to play a trick on the system of all “How to play blackjack” rules. 
  3. “Gamblers Fight Back” by Greg Elder - a real story of becoming a professional gambler from a beginner. The author was inspired by one of the professional gamblers and decided to give it a shot. You can trace his path from a beginner with no idea of how to play at a casino to a professional gambler with his own successful strategy.

You can choose any of these books depending on what is more interesting for you. There are also other casino-related books, like gambling addiction books, but we would like you to start with these three. We hope they will help you. If you know some other great writings about gambling, be sure to contact us. You can also read our great casino reviews if you have no time to read the whole book.


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