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4 years ago

Only took 26 years - USA lifts sports betting ban

Only took 26 years - USA lifts sports betting ban

When common sense prevails, worthy ideas may be brought about by those whom we expect them from every day. On May 13th, the Supreme Court of the United States brought to an end a 26-year-old ban on sports betting, ruling that the restriction was “unconstitutional”, and that Congress has no power to prevent states, people to be precise, from placing bets on sports. We are immensely happy that sanity has finally gotten through to the supreme US authority, However, the question of “why it took so long for them to realize that” remains open to discussion.

Whereas US citizens are all eager with anticipation and shoot sidelong glances at their wallets preparing for the long-awaited opportunity to place a legal bet on LA Lakers or whatnot, US states have their own benefit from it. The authorization of sports betting is all about huge revenues for states, and of course for the gambling industry. According to the report of the American Gambling Association, on average, Americans illegally place about $150 billion bets per year. The enactment of the law will considerably increase the income of states as well as open the doors for the lucrative gambling market.

The responsibility of the execution of the legislation is shouldered on state officials. In particular, they should decide where bets can be placed, for example: horse tracks, betting centers, stadiums, online, using mobile phones, or casinos, etc. The latter must be the most reasonable option since in a casino facility you can combine all the ways of betting listed above. Could you imagine placing bets on football or baseball games at horse racing tracks? Sounds quite ridiculous, don’t you think?

Even more appealing is the lifting of bans on online casinos. It must be the next step the United States Supreme Court should take in order to annihilate the nonsense which exists nowadays. Whereas the constitution of the USA officially permits land-based casinos, the page which states about online gambling venues has long since been dusty. The authorization of online casinos will be beneficial for both parties: people and states. The former will eventually eliminate the need to travel who-knows-where to play slots, or what have you, and the latter will provide local authorities with even more income by charging fees from online casinos, wins, and license issuing.

After dozens of years of anticipation, gamblers from the USA have finally received the opportunity to place bets on sports. While state officials are still considering where bets should be placed, fans of spinning slots wish online casinos would get unbanned as well.


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