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Ridiculous Yet Widely Believed Slot Machine Myths

Ridiculous Yet Widely Believed Slot Machine Myths

Holy Moly, a black cat has crossed the road in front of our boss today. That’s it, he’s cursed from now on. Yet look at him, he seems to be completely calm. You know why? Because he doesn’t give a flying poop doodle about superstitions. And how about you? Do you believe that there are any “tips” that can help you trick a slot? Do you think that we are about to have some slot machine secrets exposed? Well, at the very least, we reckon that at some point such a thought has flashed through your mind. So let’s see the top 5 most ridiculous, though strongly believed, myths about slots.

If I play at night, I have more chances to win

Physics can count the odds of an explosion of the universe tomorrow. We can count up the prospective amount of visitors to our website, but nobody can calculate what is the best time to play online slots. Why? Because they give out winnings randomly.

There is a pretty widespread superstition that playing slots at night gives you way higher chances to win than spinning them in the daytime. We don’t know where such beliefs come from and we want to assure you that this is complete nonsense. All games offered by reliable software developers are based on Pseudorandom Number Generators (RNG’s). To put the just-mentioned into simple words, the odds of winnings are always random, thus it doesn’t matter if you play at night, in the morning, or in the afternoon. The chances of a win are always the same. Although, make sure that you play at casinos licensed by fair regulators, otherwise you may encounter fake games that are programmed to give less winnings.

If a slot looks ancient, it gives less winnings

Since we’re busting myths here, you already know that this is nonsense. Regardless of design or bonus features, every slot has a Return to Player (RTP) that calculates the amount of winnings that will be distributed among players. A Nice RTP is deemed to be 96% and higher, so consider it when choosing a pokie to play (exceptions are some jackpot games - in this case, RTP can drop below 90%).

The higher bet I place, the more chances I have to win

C’mon, it doesn’t work this way. It’s not like in sports, where the more efforts you make, the better athlete you become. RTP always works in the same way, regardless of your bet. We can only say that the higher your bet is, the higher your winning can be (mode: Captain Obvious).

If a slot has just paid a huge win, it’s better to change the game

And if your girlfriend has just asked for a new iPhone, then it’s better to change her mind. Well, as for slots, it doesn’t work this way. Your winnings are completely random: you can have 20 winning spins in a row, as well as you can lose 20 bets successively (But as far as the girl asking a new iPhone is concerned, it may give you pause for thought).  

I can hit a Progressive Jackpot only on special occasions

Well, as for this myth, we’ve been laughing quite a lot. Moreover, we have stumbled upon the belief that there is a guy who presses a button that allows somebody to hit the jackpot. And surely this “somebody” is a close friend to this “button-presser.” Okay, enough with that. Just believe us, it’s not true. Slot machine jackpot odds range between 1:100,000 to 1:100,000,000, depending on the size of the jackpot, and any spin can potentially trigger it.

We can go on telling you even more myths (superstitions, beliefs, call it whatever you want), but it’s time to stop. Let’s halt this nonsense and draw the bottom line: there are no tips on how to trick slots, everything is completely random. There are, however, legit tips that may help you increase your chances to win slightly. Be sure to learn more from this guide and put the knowledge to good use at awesome sites such as Trada Casino, Yeti Casino, or Videoslots Casino.


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