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Which Music Are You Listening to While Playing?

Which Music Are You Listening to While Playing?

Imagine that you are at one of the biggest Vegas casinos. What music is playing there? Is it slow and sad, or active and energetic? You won’t hear one and the same song playing there. Mostly, they use some popular songs, which are recognizable by practically all people. These could be some classic rock songs by Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers, pop songs by Katy Perry or Sia, and even rap hits by Kendrick Lamar or Nicki Minaj.

Some online casinos offer you to listen to some music on their website. Some music-themed slots also have great background music, for example, the Jimi Hendrix slot. But surely it’s better to make your own playlist for the casino.

Tastes differ, and some people prefer staying calm, with some classic instrumental music by Bach and Chopin. While others always need to be tense, playing with electronic mixes by Armin van Buuren. We are experts in casinos, but music is our passion, so we know what we are talking about. Some music brings luck. Well, maybe that was a rabbit’s foot with a golden horseshoe on it, but we prefer to think that it was all about our lucky casino music.

Is lucky song a thing?

We are sure that all songs with words “luck”, “win”, “happy”, and others; bring positive energy and help you to win. Our casino music playlist will start from the famous song “We are the Champions,” by the legendary band - Queen. You’ll become a champion of any casino tournament with this powerful song. Avoid songs by Lana Del Rey, especially that “Kinda outta luck” - the most depressing one for gamblers. Better listen to “Lady Luck” by Jamie Woon and “Pure Luck” by Ninajirachi. This stylish music coalesces with you and brings Big Wins.

Some rap gods can also bring you luck. Nicki Minaj with “Va Va Voom” and Kendrick Lamar, featuring SchoolBoy Q with “Blessed,” are going to fill your gaming experience with colors and textures. You’ll feel like one of those famous and fabulous guys with much money.

Some Muse songs can become an ideal casino background music. For instance, “Newborn” is a perfect track for new players, and “Uprising “ for those who are experienced enough. Red Hot Chili Peppers will remind you to be aware of your gambling habits, with their song “Can’t Stop.”

Is lucky song a thing?

We are going to finish our casino music list with some pop songs. Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” will teach you to win, despite everything. Moreover, we should mention one more of her songs, “This is How We Do”, as it is really inspiring. And last but not the least, is a tandem of Eminem and Sia, “Guts Over Fear.” An ideal track for gambling.

We were pretty captious while choosing the best casino songs for you. Well, we should admit that the luck can’t be brought just by a good casino songs playlist, but your pastime at an online casino will improve with our playlist. Check it out and leave a comment for us!

Lucky music for casino:

  1. “We are the Champions” - Queen;
  2. “Lady Luck” - Jamie Woon;
  3. “Pure Luck” - Ninajirachi;
  4. Nicki Minaj - “Va Va Voom”;
  5. Kendrick Lamar feat SchoolBoy Q - “Blessed”;
  6. “Newborn” - Muse;
  7. “Uprising” - Muse;
  8. “Can’t Stop” - Red Hot Chili Peppers;
  9. “This is How We Do” - Katy Perry;
  10. “Swish Swish” - Katy Perry;
  11. “Guts Over Fear” - Eminem feat Sia.
  12. Kanye West - “Power”


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