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2 years ago

Top-3 Examples of Incredible Luck

Top-3 Examples of Incredible Luck

If you consider yourself lucky, cause you’ve found a couple of bucks several times, you will change your mind after reading the stories of the luckiest men ever. I wonder why there are no lucky women (SPOILER!). Probably, they are not pushing luck playing at a casino. Well, reckless men do it more often, and win such incredible jackpots as in the next three stories:

  1. Imagine that you are a British soldier, and you need a lot of money for your father’s medical treatment. Jon Heywood decided to try out his luck. In 2015, the famous progressive slot by Microgaming, Mega Moolah, rewarded him with an incredible jackpot of £13,2 million. He staked just 25 pounds, can you imagine? It was a world record for the largest jackpot payout, and Jon was so happy to have an opportunity to help his father and provide him with the best medical treatment for heart transplantation. Family comes first, and the rest of his money went for the vacation for his relatives.

This guy had a dream, as he was a Formula 1 fan, so some money was spent on the car of his dreams - yellow Bentley. He used to drive a Fiat before that. We are really glad that such great people are getting the chance to help everybody he loves. Well, the next story is not so fairytale-like.

  1. Now, imagine that you are a Brazilian businessman, a president of a famous Latin American shoe company, and the nephew of the richest man in Brazil. Probably, you would have spent much money on gambling, as, you know, you have what to spend. Anyway, you should stay cool, not waste too much money on this hobby.

Pedro Grendene was really careless, and he decided to show off in front of his friends, and bet $35,000 on a single number in Roulette. His lucky number - 32 - brought him $3,5 million. He was standing there confident and sipping a glass of fine wine. That’s how he became even more wealthy than he used to be. Sounds unfair, isn’t it? Why is Dame Fortune helping people without need? We don’t know! Sorry!

  1. And the last thing we’ll ask you to imagine is that you are a 25-year old Software Engineer, who came to Las Vegas to his family. Of course, it’s normal to visit a casino when you are in the city full of casinos. Most of you would do the same. But what about some strange coincidences?

An uncle told the guy about the Megabucks slot machine, and it’s huge jackpots just before his trip to Las Vegas. The 25-year-old boy from Los Angeles won $39 million but decided to stay anonymous. He wasted just $100, and we don’t know what he has done to such a significant sum of money!

These are not the only lucky stories, but we consider them the most exciting ones. If you know some other situations of the lucky gamblers, don’t be shy, and tell us about them in the comments.


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