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5 years ago

Are there any differences between a gambler and a businessman?

Any businessman would say a loud and clear “Yes!” to this question. Actually, it seems that there are no similarities between businessmen and gamblers, but it’s not true. While playing games, gamblers consider the risks and decide whether they should go all-in or pass. Businessmen, in turn, decide how to invest their funds to make them grow. Even more, many businessmen like playing games, especially the no-skill ones which don’t include any calculations. Let’s figure it out once and for all: is there any difference between them?

Are there  any differences between a gambler and a businessman?

Famous gamblers, succeeded in business

We believe that gambling is an outlet for many prosperous businessmen, and there’s nothing that can supersede it in this meaning. Take a look at this short list of rich and famous guys who know how to play games and how to make money:

  • Stanley Ho, AKA “King of Gambling,” has 19 casinos in Macau and possesses $2.5 billion. Surely he’s one of the richest gamblers on this planet.
  • Arnold Rothstein, AKA “Brain,” is known for his sharp mind and high betting skill that helped him win $500,000 on sports betting.

Of course, it’s not only about businessmen, as there are businesswomen too, like Pansy Ho, the daughter of Stanley Ho. She’s worth about $6.4 billion now, even more than her father.

Games of chance as a way to relax

One of the most significant reasons for businessmen to play games of chance is the chance itself. Some of them prefer skill games, but most businessmen just want to bet on a random number and hit a win or no-win without any worries. The most popular opinions about why businessmen gamble are:

  • Their work is stressful, and they want to relax;
  • Gambling unites people, allowing them to empathize with each other;

These reasons are quite simple and might as well work for the ordinary gamblers, so why the hell are we talking about businessmen?

The ‘usual’ gambler vs The ‘business’ gambler

The most significant difference between businessmen and other gamblers is that businessmen already have money and are willing to spend them, tickling their nerves and having fun in the process. Usual gamblers, on the contrary, typically just want to win. Such gamblers sometimes forget the definition of the game and think that some strategies or skills might help them to win in slot machines, fortune wheels, and other such games. (Don’t fall into this trap, guys!)

Some researchers also think that the difference is in the control that businessmen have (or want to have) over the game. Such people usually play games of skill, such as poker, and are good at them, because they know how people act and when it’s time to risk, bluff or pass. They don’t think that the game defines their life, and are ready to play and take whatever result comes to them.

The main thing is to remember that online gaming venues, as well as brick and mortar casinos, are a place where you can relax and have a good time, without any worries. Don’t forget about it!


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