4 months ago

HolyMoly Gambling Podcast - a New Way to Absorb Casino Reviews!

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are solemnly declaring… Wait, it’s not the way it should be. Hey, chaps, today we’re introducing HolyMoly gambling podcast. Whoohoo! You know, we’re not dull guys, not at all. We can cheer you up and add some spice to our casino reviews. Just relax and lend us an ear, we have got something to fill it with.

Our podcast about casinos will impress you in the same way that girls react to Joey from “Friends”. We have got a nice fellow, Scott. Who unfortunately, doesn’t resemble Joey, but at least he does his job in a cheerful and informative manner.

New casino podcasts will appear regularly on our Soundcloud channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, since Scott (between you and us) is a little touchy, especially when he’s not being listened to. The first podcast from gamblers is waiting for you. Hurry up!

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