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▷ Malaysian Online Casinos 🥇 Top 1166 Casinos | 2020

The Best Malaysian Casino Sites | 2020

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▷ Malaysian Online Casinos 🥇 Top 1166 Casinos | 2020

HolyMoly Casinos put much effort in, to find out how Malaysia online casinos work. Actually, they don’t work at all, but we will talk about it a bit later. Let’s first go a bit closer to the country we are going to talk about.

Malaysia is one of the South Asian countries, which can be divided into two main parts, under one regulation: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. This place is officially Islamic, but they are free to choose any religion they want here.

As you might know, Islam is always for overly strict rules and violent oppression. Most of the types of our favorite entertainment are banned here, including some gambling activities and trading. There is even a separate type of trading for Muslims, which is considered more or less legal.

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Logically, this country of oppressive religious views is against any gambling activity, but they are not banning gambling fully. Why? Well, probably that is because they still make money on this form of entertainment. If they ban it entirely, they will probably lose a substantial part of funding. It’s just a logical assumption, so don’t throw stones at us, our Malaysian friends.

We can say that gambling is only partially restricted here, as they do offer legal betting on horse racing, land-based casinos, and some online gambling websites outside Malaysia.

Well, online gambling is controlled, but it looks more like pretending that they really do something. We mean that they don’t have special bodies or licensing authorities to regulate the gambling sphere in a usual way, like we see in many other countries.

The Malaysians are not quite sporty, you know!

By the way, sports betting is the thing they don’t appreciate more than online casinos, or other gambling stuff. This country cannot boast having many talented sportsmen, and it must be the main reason for their negative attitude towards sports betting.

Technically, running online gambling websites is also illegal, but you can’t be prosecuted for playing at offshore online casinos, which accept Malaysian residents. The prohibition of transferring funds to the foreign gambling websites is unclear, and very doubtful. That’s why there are so many players in Malaysia who are not afraid to gamble wherever they like.

HolyMoly Casinos can say that Malaysian gambling market is in a “grey zone,” and it’s neither good nor bad. However, we can’t deny their limited gambling opportunities. The Anti-gambling policy concerning Malaysian gambling sites, sports betting, lotteries, and other stuff, has existed since the 1950s. It seems they are not going to change anything here. The government has an aim to protect the residents from unreliable websites and addictions, but we think they’ve chosen ineffective methods for that.

It would have been better if they started opening online casinos in Malaysia, so their people wouldn’t look for entertainment outside of the country. With a reliable regulatory body, it could have given rise to their economy, as many other countries use profits from national gambling for improving education or medical industry.


Now, they have only one legal land-based casino - the Casino de Genting. It is situated on Genting Highland, in Resorts World Genting. This casino was established in 1965 by one businessman and was already opened in 1971. Actually, there are three casinos in it with various themes:

  1. Monte Carlo Casino;
  2. Hollywood Casino;
  3. Star World Casino.

Here HolyMoly Casinos found an interesting hitch. Some countries are offering their casinos just to the foreigners, but Malaysian land-based casino went further. As a local, you can play here only if you are over 21, either Malaysian or Muslim, but not both simultaneously. That means that the only people who can’t play at this casino are the Malaysian Muslims. All the rest are welcome. It’s a popular place, but the country seems not to be eager to open more land-based casinos in the near future.

There are also a few legal betting options in addition to this land-based casino. For instance, they offer lotteries and services for betting on horse racing. The last ones are even regulated by the Malayan Racing Association. They used to have many gambling arcades before those got banned in 2000.

Do Malaysian online casinos really exist?

As you could have already understood, there are no online casino sites in Malaysia, and they don’t have any authorities for that. Online gambling as a business in Malaysia is forbidden. The government is even trying to block foreign casino sites for Malaysian players, and they even discuss the possibility of blocking gambling-related transactions with some banking organizations. Fortunately, all their attempts got nowhere, and the Malaysians are free to choose any online casino.

By the way, Malaysian-focused online casinos have some peculiarities you might want to know. We are glad to tell you about them.

The Peculiarities of Malaysian Casinos

Some major foreign gambling websites offer the options for Malaysian players. For instance, some online casinos have a separate section called “Macau” for all Asian gamblers. There are different games and promotions from the general sections, so be accurate while choosing something for you.

First of all, you’d better check the list of restricted countries in T&Cs to know for sure, that Malaysia is not on that list. You can also ask the Support team about this. Some casinos has separate sections for the Asians (and Malaysians in particular) that give you Macau vibes. There are other benefits that you should look out for when choosing a casino:

  1. Malaysian banking options Most popular Malaysian banking options - Click2Pay and Neteller.
  2. Accepting Malaysian currency Accepting Malaysian currency - Ringgit (MYR);
  3. Malay language The website available in the Malay language;

To tell you the truth, there may be certain problems with these online casinos. Mainly, they often offer a limited number of withdrawal methods, games, and bonuses. Some websites don’t offer any promotions for the Malaysians or state too strict conditions for them. That could be a problem for some Malaysians.

We’ve found the best casinos for the Malaysians and make up a list of all trusted gambling websites.

Top Malaysia Online Casinos List 2019

There are up to 200 online casinos accepting the residents of Malaysia, but we’ve chosen the most reputable websites for you:


Choose one of these online casinos, and you will definitely get an unforgettable experience. Just don’t forget to read our casino review first, to be super sure about your choice.

Let’s sum up everything! Online gambling is prohibited on the territory of Malaysia, and there are no Malaysian online casinos on the web. Their rules are still not perfect, so their citizens can always choose one of the offshore gambling websites. You’d better choose the one with Malay language available, and the relevant currency, of course. There are some casinos we’ve selected for you to try, but you should remember, that the Malaysians can have different conditions, bonuses, games, and banking options. That’s it! Here is everything you need to know about Malaysian gambling. We hope that this article helped you to understand all things better. And now, all you need is to choose a casino and start your exciting gambling experience right away.


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