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We all start somewhere, right? Don’t be so hard on yourself, we’ve got your covered. Below we have sectioned off the types of games you’ll be playing and have provided the go-to information you’ll need so that you can start your journey to casino mastery.

Online slots are literally the backbone of most online casinos. They come in many different types and offer a huge diversity of fun. However, a slot is a slot is a slot, right? While that may be the case, and while slots are completely random in nature, there definitely is a right and wrong way to approach playing them.

Click here to see our tips, tricks, and recommendations of how to approach slots.


Video Poker is, without question, an incredibly popular form of online gaming these days. They distinguish themselves because while other gaming options may not present themselves with much strategy or real skill, video poker actually provides the player with a challenge. Should you find a version with good pay tables and go about playing them correctly, you could find yourself in good favor.

Click here to see how you should be playing video poker titles.

Video Poker

Well, what do we really have to say about Blackjack? It’s retardedly popular, and can be found in just about every online casino that is reputable. It’s simplicity is matched by the fact that it’s a game with some of the lowest house edges out there - provided you play the game correctly.

Click here to start learning the basics of Blackjack.


What are the chances that somebody would give a game this kind of a name? Toilet humor aside, Craps table looks like you need a college degree just to play it, doesn’t it? Combined with the lingo and how fast a game of Craps can be, we’re not surprised you’re here at this how-to page looking to get a leg up on how to play the game. We’re gonna help as much as we can.

Click here to start decoding the mystifying world of, well, Craps.


Don’t let ‘em fool you. Roulette is a cinch. You’ll spend a few moments learning the rules of the ‘little wheel’ and how to play and you’ll be off to the races. That said, there are a number of ways to approach the game that’ll help put you into a position to better understand the Way of the Ball. But wait, did you know there are different versions and that some of them should never be played?

Click here to read more about roulette and find out which versions to play.


So, you want to get your inner James Bond going? Oh, yes, if it’s good enough for Bond, James Bond, then it’ll be good enough for you. Don’t believe us? Well what if we told you that all the glamour, glitz, and high rolling rich baddies are basically playing a glorified version of heads or tails? Even though the game is simple, you’ll want to read up on how to play the game correctly.

Click here to learn the basics of Baccarat and become your own version of Bond.


Sports Betting

Sports betting, while very popular, often times does not intersect with your average casino goer. That said, sports betting is exciting AF and the odds are always such that you get your initial bet back plus the winnings. If you’re huge into sports and want to put your luck on the line, this might be of some interest to you.

Click here to learn the basics of sports betting.

Sports Betting

Looking for overall tips and strategies when it comes to playing games in online casinos? Maybe you want to learn a specific type of strategy for Blackjack or a different game you’re learning to play? Perhaps you’re bored of the current casino you’re playing at and are looking at how to choose a new casino or type of game and need some tips?

Click here to check out our list of tips and strategies for games and casinos.

Tips and Strategies

Bingo is a unique game of chance because it can be played literally with anyone. Children play bingo to learn, elders play it to socialize and keep their counting and caution skills sharp, and adults play it just because it's fun. The rules are simple, the process itself is easy and fun - you can just start playing and figure it all out. Still, there are some things to learn about Bingo, and you will find them all here.



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