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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Slots

Thankfully, online slots are pretty simple to get started with. In fact, they are one of the easiest games to start playing because you kinda don’t really need to know much about them. In any case, slot machines are just games that have various reels and rows and they spin.

Whoop-whoop. Back in ye olden days, they used to be mechanical, so there was an actual lever and actual spinning reels. These days, though, it’s a digital world and we’re all digital girls, baby! Well, you know what we meant!

Anyway, when you’re playing slots online, you’ll be playing games that use an RNG - random number generator. So, when you click “Spin” and whatnot, there is a program inside that just plucks a random number, which is your actual result. This means all that fancy jazz-hands spinning and lights stuff is merely for added effect. When you’ve clicked “Spin”, the RNG will have done it’s job in less than a second. Kind of a bummer, eh?

The reels have symbols and when you go to play, you’ll want to understand what all of these symbols mean. You can also open the information tab of a slot game and read about each symbol and what it does. You’ll have your standard range of symbols that offer just your basic generic winnings, but online slots also have a scatter symbol and a wild symbol.

  • Scatter Symbol

    • This is a unique symbol that’ll give a specific type of award when you’re playing. Often it’ll be a handful of free spins depending on how many scatter symbols showed up. The best part is when the free spins bonus can be re-triggered with more scatters during the free spins. That’s a fun way to get a sizable win!

  • Wild Symbol

    • These are the symbols you’ll want to pay attention to because they can act as any other symbol on the reel, aside for scatter symbols or any other game-specific special symbols. Just think of these like the Joker in a deck of cards.

    • While a wild symbol can act as any other symbol, it’s behavior varies from game to game. Some games will have wild symbols show up only on specific reels, and in other games a wild symbol will trigger a jackpot win. In any case, you’ll want to carefully read the information card about the slot you’re playing so you can learn exactly how it’ll work. Or, you know, you can just sit down and play and say, “Screw it.” Right?

Like we already said, all the animations, music, and all that loud stuff is just for show and effect. Due to the nature of RNG, you’ll need to hit up a land based casino if you want to start tugging on real slot machines instead of playing slots online.

Understanding Slot Game Variance

Before you peace out, however, we think it’d be good to discuss variance. Relax, jeez, it’s not that complicated. No, really, check it out. Basically, slot machines are given a type of feel utilizing slot variance. You can just think of it like this:

  • Low Variance Slot Machines

    • These types of slots are all about giving you those small and consistent wins. You probably won’t be high rolling here, but hey, you’ll have fun because the winnings will come.

  • High Variance Slot Machines

    • Exactly the opposite of what we just said. In this case, should you win, you’ll probably win pretty big because with high variance slot machines, there are fewer wins, but they are bigger.

Go play and have some fun

See? That wasn’t so bad. Online slots are actually pretty easy to get the hang of and they’re a great way to pass time while you’re singing to yourself in the bathroom. Don’t worry - we’ll keep your secret.

Updated: 23 Feb 2018


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