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Craps: the Dice Game

A craps table is spooky. The good thing is, you don’t have to understand everything about it to start playing. The most popular bets are not only the easiest to understand, they also have the highest theoretical return to player percentage. Although, we have to admit that this is one of those games that are more fun in real casinos - the shouts and excitement at the table, as well as throwing the dice with your own hands are priceless.

You can bet against yourself, crap out, and win

Craps is one of the most popular casino games, and certainly the best casino dice game you can find. Craps dice are two standard d6 pieces, nothing extraordinary about them. The table may look complicated at first sight, but there are actually just a couple of things you should know to start playing.

Craps is one of the most popular casino games, and certainly the best casino dice game you can find. Just bear with us, the rules may seem complicated at first.

Rules of the Game

The game round starts with placing bets. There are numerous options, but for now let’s stick with two of them - Pass Line bet and Don’t Pass (these are basically the opposite). After that you throw the dice (this is a Come Out throw). If the result of this roll is 7 or 11 (called Natural) - all Pass Line bets instantly win, and Don’t Pass lose. Ever wondered what is craps in dice? It is the Come Out roll of 2, 3 or 12. It means all Pass Line bets instantly lose. However, Don’t Pass lose only on 2 or 3, and 12 is a tie for those bets, meaning they just stay in place.

Now, any other result is called a Point. It moves the round to the second phase. The “On” marker is placed onto the Point number, and the game goes on. All that matters now is which number comes first on the dice - the Point number or 7. If it’s the Point - Pass Line bets win, Don’t Pass lose. If it’s 7 - the other way around. When either one is thrown, all bets are resolved and the next round starts.

Another two bet options are Come and Don’t Come. These are basically the same and Pass and Don’t Pass, except that they can be made mid-round, and the next throw determines the Come Point. If the Come Point is rolled before the seven - Come bets win. The Natural and Craps rolls also apply.

Our Opinion

The rules of craps dice are not the most simple, but there are several easy to understand bets (Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come), that will let you start playing in no time. As an extra benefit, these also have the lowest house edge - about 1.4% each.

How that you know what craps is (hopefully), it’s about time to put the knowledge to use.

Updated: 23 Feb 2018


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