Smart Live Casino:  
Smart and old is not enough
Smart Live Casino has been closed. Don't be too upset - the chances are hight that it sucked. Luckily, we can help you choose one that doesn't.

Updated: 12 Dec 2017

Smart Live Casino Review

Smart Live Casino seemed to be a long-liver of the industry, having been existed for 9 years. We can only pretend to be Sherlock Holmes, and investigate the reasons why they closed after such a long life with a good-looking website and having licenses from both UK and Malta. We’ve checked, and, dear Watson, we presume they were too busy to sort out complaints from players and didn’t pay out what had to be paid to players. Therefore, dear partner, we think they provoked gambling gods, and the latter closed it with all the anger.

But don’t be afraid, we have god blessed casinos here on our recommended list.

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May 22 2018


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