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The opportunities to place a wager these days are many, and they certainly excite a lot of interest. There are certainly no two opinions about that. Betting sites come with rich portfolios, covering dozens of sports and thousands of possible markets and events. From traditional sports betting sites to esports solutions, such as CS:GO betting sites, there is always something new and exciting to see.

Which brings us to our next question – what are the best betting opportunities in 2020 out there, and how can you make them work for you? Well, we will first focus on the top bookies out there and only then go through the betting lines, odds, and available bets. There are tons of fantastic sites out there, and they are all worth your while, to name MyBookie, William Hill, SkyBet and Betfair, among others.

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Football Betting Sites

Football is easily one of the most-watched sporting events there is and to bet online on one of the hundreds of games taking place every day is only of the simplest things you can place.

The top venues that offer great flutters on the English Premier League or Bundesliga will often come with a number of cool extra features, such as football betting tips and previews of important upcoming games.

Better yet, these online sites are always looking to help you make the most out of your money and the top fixtures. Calculating probability and guessing the correct outcome of matches is what all punters strive to achieve, but only those who pick the top football wagering venues will succeed.

Unibet and Paddy Power are just two of the great examples where you can explore some outstanding wagering opportunities in football, whether it is EPL or La Liga matches.

Mobile Betting Sites

Make no mistake because the new decade will completely consolidate the status of mobile bookmakers. There are no two ways about it. Other than the clearly objective reasons for picking a smartphone to place your next wager, the mobile offer has so much more to offer.

It’s not just a matter of placing a winning stake – it’s about comfort and accessibility. Not everyone has time to sit down at a desktop computer and lookup lines. Worse, not everyone has the time whereas a mobile betting experience ticks all the right boxes. You can bunk off quickly and look up what the sports betting sites have to offer.

Checking betting lines and odds and choosing what your next bets will be is also easier if you have had time to think about them before placing an actual wager. That’s why mobile makes placing a bet online so much easier as it equips a punter with all necessary tools to be successful – or come as close to that as possible.

Even better yet, you can download dedicated apps for your Android and iOS devices and have a blast swiping left and right, placing your next bet!

NFL betting sites

The National Football League or NFL could be a bit of a localized phenomenon, but there are a lot of bookmakers out there who cover the event quite readily. From Bovada to MyBookie, the NFL is one of the biggest excitement for sports bettors in the United States. The opportunities to place a wager on seasonal games and the grand finale known as the Super Bowl are simply overwhelming.

The Super Bowl alone generates over $6 billion in total sports wagers, making for one of the largest handles on a single event ever. In fact, the only event to eclipse the Super Bowl is the FIFA World Cup where over $155 billion were wagered back in 2018.

Yet, as you can imagine, with 256 games in the regular NFL season, there are sufficient opportunities to place an actual wager and make a decent return on your knowledge and understanding of America’s greatest sports event!

Esports Betting Sites

Esports must be the most entertaining form of the segment. Some 26% of traditional bettors admitted that they have also wagered on electronic sports, and this shouldn’t surprise you at all. Betting on video games is one of the most challenging aspects for bookmakers too, and there is a good reason for that. It has to do with the fact that gamers read on gaming news constantly and more importantly – they practice esports on a nearly professional level, something that most sports fans don’t do.

As you can see, this can quickly tilt the balance in favor of the players who make the most of their knowledge and place bets that usually turn out pretty okay. If the success rate on sports wagers is around 53%, it’s easy to say that esports betting fans usually have a few percentages advantage on top of their regular counterparts. Some of the most popular places that offer such wagers include CS:GO betting sites as well as Bet365 and Redbet, both of which offer extensive esports markets.

Soccer Betting Sites

Soccer is what Americans tend to call “football”. Yet, regardless of the terminology, you can rest assured that soccer is one of the most entertaining competitions out there. We have touched upon the FIFA World Cup and the massive interest it draws, eclipsing any other sports events out in the world.

Soccer betting sites have quite a bit to offer – from fantastic markets, including regular and in-play wagers, to live coverage, previews, expert tips and more. It’s easy to pick a site such as this because you can always tell when one bookie is worth your while. For starters, you can always look up the odds and betting lines to decide if a bookmaker offers sufficient opportunities to place a wager.

It’s easy to spot a good website too, as most established brands, such as BetUK, Sky, and 888sport will always cover every last single market – big or small, local or international.

Super Bowl Betting Sites

Now, nobody could deny the massive popularity of the Super Bowl. We have already touched upon the fact that this sports event alone generates a massive handle on a single day that could very well surpass what some other sports draw in total handle across an entire year!

The Super Bowl is also preceded by the playoffs and the Divisional Rounds which draw the crowds to packed stadiums where the average ticket price reaches $7,000. Not surprisingly, this hype spills over to some of the best sites, and bookmakers such as MyBookie cover these events extensively, offering money line, spread and totals wagering opportunities!

Boxing Betting Sites

If you love boxing, then placing a wager will be a natural extension of your love for watching some of the best fighters walk into the ring. Wilder versus Fury aside, boxing excites a lot of betting interest, and bookies report the millions worth of bets placed online. From the United Kingdom to the United States, to Australia, people love to watch boxing bouts.

But it’s not about the actual fight. Pugilists such as Tyson Fury have their way with the crowds inspiring something similar to veneration for an upcoming fight. Bookmakers from all over the world make their best to cover the events!

Coral Betting is one of the top bookies when it comes to boxing wagers in the UK, so make sure you look up on what markets there are. The sportsbook will usually ask you to bet on points, going the distance, the total rounds of an event.

The contest can get even more exciting when you are asked to predict the mode of winning, whether by a unanimous decision, a knockout or points.

UFC Betting Sites

The UFC is another big landmark in the sports betting world. The sport brings together some wacky personalities who are not only great fighters but also somewhat rowdy personalities. Just take, for example, Conor McGregor, one of the most scandalous fighters of all time.

McGregor has headlined five out of six of the highest-selling pay per view (PPV) fighting events. Naturally, to bet online on the UFC has become a thing and, just like with boxing, there are tons of viable bets you can actually place!

When fighters such as McGregor are fighting, there are even more surprising prop wagers to pick from, such as “Is McGregor going to attack his opponent before the official fight?” or “Is McGregor going to get arrested before the fight?”.

Sports betting sites are actually quite inventive when it comes to this type of thing. Matched betting still remains the most popular market, as predicting the winner outright brings most fighting fans and sports bettors the greatest satisfaction.

New Betting Sites

While you have certainly heard of most established bookmakers out there, the opportunities to place a bet online are not limited to just a few established names. There are, in fact, quite a few new bookmakers out there that make it very easy for you to enjoy a variety of markets and sporting contests.

But how are these new bookies any better than established? They usually offer you a more intuitive experience thanks to their mobile-first focus. In other words, the newest betting sites are often those you can visit to experience more competitive opportunities, get some extra value for your money, and even dive into a world of awesome promotions you didn’t know were there.

New sites often come up with the most entertaining and valuable boosts to your bankroll you can successfully leverage and turn into some decent payouts. Not least of all, these fresh gambling venues offer full mobile compatibility and very possible a dedicated smartphone and tablet Android and iOS app.

NBA Betting Sites

The NBA is one of the best competitions out there, and sports betting sites can definitely appreciate it. Basketball (NBA) may be an American invention, but it has spread rapidly across the world, picking millions of fans in Europe, Africa, China, Australia and New Zealand, not to mention Canada.

Sportsbooks such as MyBookie offer extensive odds and betting lines on the seasonal and playoffs game, not to mention the All-Star game that takes place in mid-season to offer players a bit of a relief and an opportunity to relax.

There are a lot of different types of bets you can place on an NBA contest – from how many points an individual player is going to score to the total number of points all throughout an event.

The types of wagers you can place are quite numerous, although money line and match betting will probably be the two main categories you see bet on time and again, as they offer the best yields.

Safest Betting Sites

How do you know if a bookmaker is safe? Well, there are many tell-tale signs really, and it’s all a matter of reading them. For starters, if you are playing in a regulated or semi-regulated market such as the United Kingdom or the United States, there are a number of state and national regulators to help you out.

If a bookie holds a license from an officially recognized watchdog, there is your answer. Licenses are quite important as they mean a site meets the industry standards

A licensed bookmaker is far more likely to honor any payment you request, assist you win the case you are showing symptoms of problem gambling and even assist you in cases where you are not entirely in agreement with how a site has handled your wagers.

For what it is worth, regulated companies really put quite a lot of effort in helping out. Then again, there are some offshore operators that have truly done an amazing job of winning the appreciation of loyalty of sports fans.

MyBookie is a perfect example for an offshore bookmaker which is not based in any of the main licensing jurisdiction, but still offers 100% safe and reliable markets. 

UK Betting Sites

UK sites have some of the best odds and betting lines to offer. Not only that, but the United Kingdom is perhaps the only market to be fully regulated when it comes to sports wagering! You will find every single type of sports market covered with a decent chance to turn a profit yourself.

The available fixtures are quite generous too, and you can rest assured that any website available in the UK is actually approved by the regulator there, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Many websites get their license from the UKGC and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) both.

Once you see an official license on the bookie, you can rest assured that they are some of the finest UK-facing sites there are. Some established names in the betting world include Novibet, NetBet, Sporting Bet and Sun Bets to name just a few. Yet, keep in mind there are over 80 registered and regulated sportsbooks in the UK as we speak, and all of them are worth your while.

The UK is also quite fond of snooker, rugby and cricket, and you will see BBC Cricket and BBC Rugby as dedicated channels offering live coverage of some of the most loved events. It’s not just that, though, and you can also follow BBC snooker live scores and keep yourself updated on what your next wager should be.

Canadian Betting Sites

Next, we ought to say a word or two about the best Canadian betting sites. Even though there are no clear-cut rules about sports betting sites in Canada, you will still be able to enjoy safe and secure wagering.

The truth is Canada already grants access to many of some of the world’s top bookmakers, and this is great news for anyone who truly loves to wager on sports contests. Canadians love what most other people do when it comes to sports, including soccer, horse racing, basketball, and especially rugby.

The odds and betting lines available to Kanuck sports fans are usually some of the most competitive out there, and you can bet online as Canadian enjoying access to generous and helpful bonus arrangements.

Australian Betting Sites

Aussies have a soft spot for sports gambling, and that has occasioned a massive rise of bookmakers in the country. There is no other nation on Earth that looks forward to the next wager with as much zeal and Aussie bookies have been proliferating, offering countless opportunities to place your wager and make the most out of a situation.

And Australian sports aficionados have been going mad with having the opportunity to pick from so many different top venues. Without a shade of doubt, Australia is one of the most active nations in the world when it comes to placing a wager, and the appreciation for sports often translates into hefty wagers around the time of major events.

Not only that, but Aussies only require the highest quality, requesting websites with odds checkers and betting calculators to make the most out of a stray flutter.

US Betting Sites

The United States is undergoing a rapid transition where both mainland and offshore sports betting sites are vying for a loyal base of bettors. On the one hand, the legal market generates $13 billion in total sports handle, but on the other, the offshore industry still sports estimated $140 billion, making it one of the largest in the world.  

The U.S. websites are adapting, though, and they are quickly some of the best bookies out there. They offer well-researched betting lines thanks to existing partnerships with major sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and the NHL.

And as it turns out, official league data grants you quite the insight and offers actionable betting tips as to what the most likely winners of a game or a match are. Not least of all, the U.S. hasn’t got any issues with problem gambling on the scale other markets do, giving the country a clean start in the industry.

Another big aspect of the experience in the U.S. is to bet online on political betting odds. Presidential races excite quite a bit of interest – not only in the general population but also in those diehard bettors who love to take a chance on pretty much anything!

Live Betting Sites

Live wagering is one of the most exciting forms of wagering there is. You will often hear this type of wagers referred to as in-play markets. Bettors admit themselves that the opportunity to place a flutter is what gives them an extra incentive to watch actual sports.

Imagine combining the two. Now, most regulated bookmakers, especially in the United Kingdom, will have an amazingly well-developed live market. BBC Live Scores and having the opportunity to access your BT Sport login to watch matches around the clock are definitely two contributing factors. Plus, you can use the live scores to track up and coming games.

Networks such as Sky TV have made it very easy to look up results through a dedicated mobile platform, My Sky BET, and this way you can always stay on top of the latest results and adjust your live bets to perfection.

Betting opportunities abound out there, and in-play markets remain one of the most exciting options to pretty much anyone. For cricket, you can tune in to Ashes Score and see how far your favorite players have made it.

Last but not least, there are also motorsports, which offer some outstanding live betting opportunities. Services such as Pick 7 will introduce quite a bit of excitement to your motorsport wagers, and you can rest assured that top events such as Speedway GB are always covered!

Golf betting sites

Bookies love to cover all sports and if there is one competition that enjoys international recognition, but might appear a little underappreciated, that is golf. True, golf is a bit of an elitist sport, but sports betting sites are quite keen on bringing you the latest markets.

There is a lot of ground to cover both with the North American and European PGA Tours, but you can rest assured that the best bookmakers always do. You can enjoy some outstanding betting opportunities and bet on futures such as Rory Mcllroy, Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods and many others on your own time.

Baseball betting sites

Called the American pastime, baseball or the MLB plays an important part in the life of sports fans in the United States. MLB is one of the massive contests that take place during the summer when most other sports are in their off-season, and the whole thing excites quite a bit of interest.

You would have no trouble finding the best fixtures, odds and betting lines for the MLB, courtesy of dozens of bookmakers which are quite proud to bring you the most reliable insights and value opportunities.

March Madness Betting Sites

In the United States, collegiate sport is put on a pedestal. Even though there has been a lot of criticism and allegations that college athletes are not treated fairly. Many of them have been able to join major sporting competitions and fetch millions worth of dollars every year thanks to their college sports career. One event that draws a lot of gambling action is March Madness, which is the biggest contest to bet on in March.

All colleges with a proper basketball team in the United States join, and they generate massive amounts of financial and viewership interest.

Americans bet online estimated $8.5 billion and place millions of bets throughout March every year. You can use a number of online tools to help yourself make the right wagers, too! From matched betting calculators to tips and predictions, there is a sea of knowledge waiting for you out there!

NHL Betting Sites

Even though hockey in North America has been in a small decline recently, you can still expect to find plenty of wagering action surrounding the sport! The NHL runs multiple divisions and invests in women hockey as well, making it a full, well-rounded league.

As a result, sports betting sites are quite happy to continually offer some of the most intriguing markets and opportunities to place an honest wager yourself. With this being said, hockey is one of the niche options out there that allows a true fan to make the most.

Why not turn your love for this sport into at least a modestly paying hobby? It only stands to reason, especially when there are so many opportunities to do just that.

Tennis Betting Sites

Another sport that is venerated the world over is tennis. No matter where you stand on this athletic competition, you will find numerous opportunities to place your bets – online and offline. You can focus on amateurs or professionals, Wimbledon or the Australian Open. There is no real limit to be perfectly honest, and you will continually have access to great markets, value betting opportunities and more.

Rugby Betting Sites

Now, rugby is a real gem. It has an almost fanatic following in places such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. You can watch live Rugby Union on the My BT app or any national TV that covers sports in most cases.

But back to the specific sites, rugby has some of the most competitive odds and betting lines, and you can expect great opportunities to make your next wager!

Fast Payout Betting Sites

Last, but hardly east for a quality betting experience is the speed of the payouts. Bookmakers will all focus on offering you hassle-free payment options that make deposits and withdrawals in a matter of minutes. Of course, the speed of cashouts is much slower than that of deposits.

All deposits are instant, whereas withdrawals will always vary based on your location, not to mention whether you are playing with a licensed or offshore sportsbook. There are quite a few differences to the banking experience, and they will most certainly vary from one bookie to the next.

The good news is that you can bet online no matter one and still have access to the best betting lines and odds. Pair this with the fact that you can also choose the sites with the top payment options and you are in for a treat!


What are the best sports betting sites?

The best bookies are those that provide you with fair markets, competitive odds and the opportunity to wager on all major events. In addition, you want to double-check if a sportsbook also comes with a license from a recognized regulator.

Are bookmakers safe?

Yes, they are. As long as you pick a bookmaker that offers SSL encryption, has a good reputation and feedback from sports fans and has a license, you can trust it completely.

How much should I bring with me to start?

Most sites offer free bets, but as an absolute minimum $10 or $20 – or any currency equivalent – should be plenty to get you started.

What types of sportsbooks are there?

There are all sorts of sites, but generally, you can differentiate between three main groups, including fantasy, racebook and regular bookmakers. All of them offer hundreds of available markets on popular sports and even horse racing.

What is “vigorish” and why do some sites have it?

Vigorish is a term that sports wagering sites use to call the small percentage they charge you on each of your bets. The vig will vary from one bookmaker to the next, but it’s perfectly normal. Take it into consideration, though, when calculating your net profit from your wagers.

Are fantasy sportsbooks popular?

Yes, they are quite popular – mostly in the United States. Even then, there is a big following for fantasy contests – not only in regular sports but also in electronic sports as well!

Is it legal to bet on sports?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live in. You can always bet legally on sports so long as local laws don’t explicitly state that you will be prosecuted if you place a wager.

How popular are esports betting sites?

Esports sites are very popular, including CS:GO betting sites in particular. Professional video gaming offers a lot of opportunities to place successful wager and bookmakers are simply not missing out! In fact, the industry is already worth over $1 billion according to market analysts.

More Questions

  • How accurate are betting sites in their odds?

  • When preparing odds, the primary goals of sportsbooks is to attract punters on both sides of an outcome and include the bookmaker’s commission. Therefore, betting odds don’t represent statistical probability.

  • How to make multiple accounts?

  • Online bookmakers allow only one account per user. Moreover, they usually allow only one account per household. These measures are explicitly stated in the Terms and Conditions of sportsbooks.

  • How to block/unblock all bookies?

  • GamBlock is designed to stop access to online gambling on computers and mobile devices. The program prevents access to betting sites and gambling features on platforms such as Facebook and Steam.

  • Can you use UK betting sites abroad?

  • You can use your betting account abroad only if the bookmaker is licensed in that country. For example, bet365 is licensed in Spain. If you go to Barcelona, you can place live bets with bet365 from Camp Nou. 

  • What sportsbooks don’t check age?

  • All betting sites in the UK are required by law to check the age of their customers. This measure prevents any underage gambling. Naturally, bookmakers can lose millions in fines if they don’t comply.

  • Why do online bookmakers ask for addresses?

  • This measure is part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) legislation. It proves customers are real people. The goal of the action is to prevent any money laundering through gambling. 

  • Are there any websites where you can deposit £1?

  • Paddy Power accepts deposits of one pound through their betting shops only. However, the top betting operators accept minimum deposits of at least £5.

  • Can sportsbooks ban you?

  • Sportsbooks can ban users for significant violations of their Terms and Conditions. Such bans are usually instituted for cheating or some other form of fraudulent activity.

  • How quickly can I get my winnings?

  • Punters can get their winnings as fast as their payment method allows. E-wallets are usually the fastest withdrawal options that can pay out the winnings within a day.

  • Are my winnings tax-free?

  • Winnings from gambling are tax-free in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, authorities do not require winners to report their winnings to HM Revenue and Customs.

  • How do bookies get scores?

  • Bookmakers outsource a lot of their data management to companies like SBTech. These companies specialize in processing data from thousands of sports events per month.

  • How can I get my sports betting account suspended?

  • By violating the terms and conditions of a sportsbook, customers can get their account suspended. Such violations include having multiple accounts, event manipulation, payment fraud, exploitation of software loopholes, etc.

  • Why are many betting sites incorporated in Gibraltar and Malta?

  • Both Gibraltar and Malta offer attractive financial and legal conditions to gambling companies. Moreover, their regulators are famous for setting better standards in the industry.

  • How Many betting companies are there in the world?

  • There are hundreds of betting operators in the world, and new websites emerge every day. However, most of the newcomers are broke or closed by authorities before the end of the month.

  • What if I have a dispute with the bookmaker, or they refuse to pay out my winnings?

  • It is best to resolve any conflicts with bookmakers without the involvement of third parties. However, if this is not possible, it is best to contact your bookie’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider.

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